Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Popcorn cookies

Wednesday was my son's last day of Mother's Day Out.  I really feel like he just started!  Next year he'll be in Preschool.  So hard to believe!

I made some popcorn cookies for his teachers to go into a little gift basket.  I saw these cookies and thought they would be fun!

This is the movie night gift basket I made each teacher.  Here's where I got the idea.
I was in a hurry to take these pictures but it says, "Spiderman, Batman, pick one to see.  You are a SUPERHERO to me!"  When I saw this idea, I knew I really wanted to do it.  Our son, Caleb, overcame an eating issue this year and we are SO thankful!!!  When he started the school year, he was eating pureed baby food and drinking milk, and that's it.  He has been in speech and occupational therapy for a year and a half because he had a severe gag reflex and in January he finally started eating!  I knew that being around kids his own age and watching them eat and having teachers that were willing to work with him would make a huge difference and it did.  I know it got really messy for a while and we appreciate them so much!  Thank you Ms. Karen and Ms. Sally!!!!

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