Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thomas the Train

My son's 3rd birthday party was on Saturday and we had a Thomas theme. He loves Thomas! Here are the cookies I did:
I originally saw the idea here quite a while ago and thought if we had a Thomas party that I would make them. They were so fun! I'll show you the cookie cutters I used at the end of the post. My little "expert" was able to tell me who he was when he first saw the cookies so I took that as a compliment :)
I made some cupcakes too, I used a box mix but made the buttercream icing.
I had so much fun planning this party! I enjoy crafting and designing so this was perfect for me. Since my daughter was in the hospital the week before, I had to cut a few things out that I wanted to do. But here were the little favor bags with the cookies wrapped up inside.
I made these water bottle labels and they were so easy! When I first looked into how to make them, I saw that most people use waterproof labels. But I saw this tutorial and realized I could make my own! So I just printed these out and cut them and then used packing tape to seal them. Like she says in the tutorial, they're not completely waterproof. I had kept them in the fridge until right before the party and then put them in the ice chest and they worked great!
So here are the cookie cutters I used. The engine part is a wedding cake cutter and I used the small circle cutter and did the same technique as I used here on the rainbow cookies. Then the larger circle cookies is the face. I baked and decorated them separately and then when the cookies were dry, I used royal icing to attach them to the engine part of the cookie.

We're having his family party this weekend and I'm doing a different theme. It's his newest favorite...a certain little mouse with big yellow shoes :) I'm excited to plan for that one too!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are some Valentine cookies I did last week. My friend Jill saw a picture of them somewhere but I'm not sure where, otherwise I would say where I got the idea!

I just barely got these done before my daughter was in the hospital for 4 days. We found out she had RSV at the end of last week and over the weekend it got a lot worse. She was admitted to the hospital on Monday and got to come home on Friday. It was very scary for a few days but she's doing much better now! I was looking forward to doing more Valentine cookies and some baby shower cookies last week but I just wasn't able to.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Last week I did some cookies for my friend Amy's daughter's birthday. She had a Wizard of Oz theme. Kelly took some really cute pictures from the party. It turned out so cute!!! All of Amy's parties are so adorable. You can see Kelly's post here.
I didn't have a rainbow cookie cutter so here's what I did:
I couldn't find my big, plain circle cutter so I used this scalloped one, which I thought would be cute anyway.
Then I used a small circle cutter and cut a half circle out of the big circle. I did that on both sides straight across from each other. I didn't measure or anything, just eyeballed it. Then I cut a whole circle out of more dough...
And filled the little notches. I did this on wax paper on the counter but it's better to do this on the cookie sheet that you're going to bake them on because they will fall off when you move them. Then I just kinda smoothed them together so they would bake together.
This picture is a little blurry but then I cut off the bottom part of the big circle at the bottom of the little circles. And there you have it, a cookie ready to be made into a rainbow!