Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cookie Catastrophe

This post could also appropriately be called "The night I decided it was time to take a cookie break."

I am a very clumsy person.

But add in being 5 months pregnant and I am super clumsy.

One night last week my worst cookie nightmare happened.

I had spent about 2.5 hours working on cookies and I was done for the night. It was about 10:15 and my sweet husband was helping me clean up a little. As I was getting up from the table, I managed to knock a whole tray of cookies (the cookies I just spent 2.5 hours working on) completely off the table. I covered my face and said "please tell me that did not just happen." My husband knew what was coming and just started cleaning it up. They were all ruined. Cue the tears. Oh it was an awful night.

I went to bed that night and could not sleep. I had planned on waiting until July to take a break from cookies and to rest and spend lots of time with my family before our worlds are turned upside down by our second baby's arrival in October. But that night I just knew it was time. This emotional pregnant momma can't handle another night like that! And as clumsy as I am, it would be bound to happen. I have just been doing way too much lately and I think I needed this to remind me to slow down. I know I'll regret it later if I don't.

I still have a lot of pictures to post of cookies I've done recently and if you have questions about decorating, please email me and I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as I can!

Thanks so much for reading my blog and for all the sweet comments!!!

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